A journalist turned web developer

If you are on this page, you are probably wondering who am I. The TL;DR version is already in the title above, but keep reading if you are interested in the details.

I am somewhat of an "old" junior web developer. My first experience with web development was a simple website created in Microsoft Frontpage to record the tales of my group of high school friends, and it was a mess of static webpages that lasted more than it should have.

I didn't arrive organically to coding, but rather with a series of circumstances: during my college studies I began to be interested in data journalism, a broad type of journalism which involves data analysis, visual representation of the data and interactive storytelling. Basically, a melting-pot of design, code and journalism.

As my career progressed, I noticed that I was less interested in the actual storytelling, but rather much more into the technology. I started learning Python to do some scraping, understanding how the web works, using D3 for data visualization to get into the world of Javascript.

I decided to embark full time in web development and computer programming. I am currently learning PHP and expanding my knowledge of Typescript, React and Next.js while building personal projects, but I also want to get a proper education in computer science, tackling the full OSSU Computer Science curriculum.

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