Damiano Bacci

data journalism for wannabes

I'm a wannabe data journalist In my Jekyll-powered blog on GitHub pages you can find lots of data stories, tutorials and stuff about data journalism. I want it to be my future job, maybe I'll succeed. Also on Youtube.


My main blog with random writings both in Italian and English


Best website ever. Unseen64 is an archive with articles, screenshots and videos for cancelled, beta and unseen videogames I'm so proud to be part of this. Please consider supporting us through Patreon or by buying our book on Amazon (there is also the Entertainment Crew, but that's a whole other story).

Unseen Cinema (working title)

A book about lost movies and movie's scenes Working on it during my very rare spare time. Because everyone needs to know about "Number 13" and the real ending of "The Shining".

Other profiles

Movies, music, photos, videogames.