Typescript Rock, Paper & Scissors

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A Typescript rendition of the classic rock, paper and scissors game.

Project Purpose and Goal

To deepen my understanding of CSS, vanilla JavaScript, Typescript and browser APIs such as the DOM API, I created a simple rock, paper, scissors game with scoring tallies inspired by the one featured in Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the Sega Master System.

Javascript Rock, Paper and Scissors

Lessons Learned

Building a game entirely from scratch on the web involved a few steps. The game's logic is simple and straightforward, and employing vanilla JavaScript facilitates the addition of features with ease, along with Typescript for additional type safety.

Currently, the program is somewhat basic. Ideally, it should declare a winner after a predetermined number of victories by either the player or the computer, and there's significant room for improvement in the user interface, such as a more apparent way to disable the move selection while a round is in progress.

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